Series 4700 Impact Doors

Super Seal
Impact Doors

Designed for door openings up to 10'W x 10'H, series 4700 SuperTuff rigid insulated impact door withstands a wide variety of traffic while providing unmatched hinge protection in wash down areas.


Model 4700 is a medium or heavy duty impact door with 1½" thick tubular PVC internal framing. Mounting hardware is suited for minimum 4" wide jambs.

Door bodies shall be 1¾" thick, double acting and shock absorbent.

Internal core shall be insulated with high-density injected foam.

Outside skin shall be 1/8" thick ABS, chemically bonded to both sides of panel frame.

All panel edges shall be finished with replaceable rubber gasket edge set in black PVC extrusion.

Jamb edge of panels shall be clamped in a metal profiler with 1/8" thick walls and secured with corrosion resistant hardware.

Each panel shall have a clear, true thermopane window with a black PVC molding.

Hinge assemblies shall be self-aligning with compression spring at top and v-cam pin at bottom. Compression spring assembly shall be totally enclosed within jamb-edge profile.

Double acting hinges shall swing 90º in both directions.

Approved for food grade establishments.

All hardware is corrosion resistant.


Door 1¾ "overall thickness with double-acting shockproof construction, consisting of an internal and peripheral frame in tubular steel 1½" thick, with high density foam injected core, and ABS panels 1/8 "d thickness chemically bonded to both sides.

Perimeter finished panels with rechangeable rubber seals.

Each panel is mounted in a profiled metal path and secured with corrosion resistant hardware.

Each panel has a clear thermopane double window in clear acrylic, placed in a molded PVC frame.

Cam-type metal hinge hardware mounted to the floor and lintel, fully enclosed in a one-piece metal profile 1/8 "thick.

Self-aligning hinges with adjustable spring tension, placed on metal mounting brackets 6 "wide.

Double action hinges allow the 90 ° panel to be folded in two directions. Hardware included.

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