Series 4000 Impact Doors

Super Seal
Impact Doors

For openings up to 10'0" W x 10'0", the tough 1/2" thick, gravity suspended rubber panels flex to absorb impact, protecting loads and equipment from damage.

Series 4000 Model 4100

Door body consists of a one-piece abrasion resistant ½" thick rubber, “gravity suspended” between two (2) 11-gauge roll formed steel frames, reinforced with corner gussets.

Each panel features a 1/8" thick clear safety acrylic window 11½" wide x 15½" high set in a cast aluminum alloy frame.

Flexible gasket mounted at the header and jamb.

Door panels overlap 2-4" at the center.

One (1) coat of top quality orange baking enamel to be applied to all exposed metal parts. Hinge hardware shall be jamb mounted, v-cam gravity type, double acting, swinging 90° in each direction.

V-cam gravity hinge hardware shall be an assembly of 15/16" diameter continuous solid steel posts with high strength cast steel alloy gravity v-cam upper hinge bearing and high strength cast steel alloy plain lower bearing fitted with a 1½" diameter aircraft quality needle bearing cam yoke roller.

Doors over 108" in height will have an additional plain middle bearing.

Doors shall have an adjustable spring compensator.

All hardware and spring assembly shall be galvanized to resist corrosion.

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