Series V14/V18/V22 Adjustable Inflatable Doorseal

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Designed for door openings up to 8’0” W x 10’0”H, the Series V14/V18/V22 services a wide variety of different trailer heights. Since the trailer is spotted before the seal is inflated, the V Series is the ideal solution to eliminate potential damage to the structure of the building wall. This unique sealing process seals effectively and completely even if the trailer is off center, jack-knifed, or on a sloped approach. SuperSeal’s exclusive “RipStop” fabric developed specifically for inflatables will give years of trouble free service. The Series V14/V18/V22 creates an optimum seal that blocks out foul weather, insects, dust, and dirt, while saving money on energy costs. Inflatable dock door seals help productivityby increasing safety, protecting personnel, products, and equipment. 


Adjustable header inflatable dock door seal(s) to be V14/V18/V22 manufactured by SuperSeal Mfg. Ltd., Woodbridge, Ontario. Adjustable header inflatable dock door seal(s) to be manufactured to fit door opening size(s) _______ft. W x _______ft. H. Unit to consist of two (2) vertical air bags to be fastened onto a 2" x 8" pressure treated wood (supplied unassembled by manufacturer), using galvanized wood screws. Verticals to have a slight upward taper from back to front to avoid pinching or sagging when deflated. The bottom of the vertical seals to include holes for venting of air and to assist in moisture drainage. Inflatable header air bag to be full width over vertical seals mounted on a pressure treated wood frame. inflatable header air bag in deflated mode is stored behind a reinforced vinyl curtain with a 4" yellow guide stripe to aid in the spotting of trailers. Unit to be supplied with 1/2 HP motor/blower with a manual ON/ OFF. The motor/blower shall be mounted under a protective canopy constructed of a wood/steel galvanized framework covered with galvanized steel cladding. The top canopy shall be peaked to allow drainage and shall be fastened to the wall by means of galvanized steel side and strapping supports. Unit is inflated by turning switch on and deflates automatically when unit is turned of by means of internal pulley and retraction arm system for the verticals (excluding V14) and a torsion roller assembly for the header. Unit to be manufactured of exclusive 16 oz. vinyl "RipStop" fabric.Double stitched, high strength, twisted 4-ply 100% polyester treated used for sewing throughout. Unit shall be furnished with all necessary mounting hardware, galvanized to resist corrosion.

Series V14/V18/V22 product details:

  • Series V14/V18/V22 standard dimensions for door openings 8’0”W x 10’ H are 9’4”Wx 11’8” H (O.D.) with a 14”, 18”, 22” projection, 12’ face across the vertical air bags, and a 48’ header air bag when inflated.
  • Seal trailers 10’6”to 13’6” H from a grade with a dock height of 48”. Exclusive 16 oz. “RipStop” fabric developed specifically for inflatable units give years of trouble free service (see fabric page).
  • Can be part of a totally automated dock loading system.
  • V-14 designed for standard 5” bumper projection.

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