Series 4300 Impact Doors

Super Seal
Impact Doors


Designed for door openings up to 8’0”W x 10”0”H where privacy into restricted areas, temperature control, and appearance are major considerations. The rugged v-cam hardware is designed to be virtually maintenance free. Adjustable spring to compensate for some negative pressure. The 1-3/4” thick insulated panels have the strength to withstand heavy push cart, and light motorized pallet traffic while being light weight to service pedestrian traffic. Large vision areas provide the maximum personnel safety. Available in a large selections of colours, the Series 4300 impact traffic doors are ideally suited for supermarkets, retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores, processing plants, and refrigerated applications. Foam injected insulation and full gasketing provide excellent environmental control and reduce energy costs.

More Options:

  • 1/4” hick steel floor
  • mounted jamb guards
  • 1/4“ thick Jamb mounted
  • jamb guards.
  • Chain locking collar
  • H. 1/4” thick x 12”
  • extension “U” brackets
  • Hold open device
  • Door stop
  • Cane bolts
  • (top and/or bottom)
  • Protective Bollards

Colour Options:

Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green,

Grey, Red, White. For colours other

then those listed please consult factory.

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